Hobie Passport 10.5 pedal kayaks on Ayers Creek

Introducing the Hobie Pedal Drive Kayak

Ayers Creek Adventures is excited to be adding the Hobie Pedal Drive Kayak to our fleet. Perfect for fishing and for covering greater distances.

We are extremely eager to introduce a new kayak option to our paddlers this season. We will now be offering rentals of our 4 new Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5 Pedal Drive Kayaks and one Compass 13.5 Pedal Drive Tandem (double) kayak. These pedal drive kayaks are the latest innovations in kayak technology which allows paddlers to pedal through the water using a hands-free propulsion. These Hobie kayaks have Glide Technology and kick-up fins with their patented kick up fin technology that provide the power to charge through water as never before, offering a hands-free experience. This is extremely beneficial for those who enjoy fishing. This allows for more fishing, casting and reeling on the move opposed to having a paddle across your lap. You can still use a traditional kayak paddle, as these Hobie’s have a storage clip to stow your paddle, offering both the traditional and latest innovative paddling techniques, as well as 2 rod holders. If you’re up for something creative, new and innovative we highly suggest giving these Hobie Mirage kayaks a good spin.

*On Site Rentals Only*


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