Beyond the Beach and Bay

When people think of Ocean City, MD they often envision our beautiful beaches, lively boardwalk,…

When people think of Ocean City, MD they often envision our beautiful beaches, lively boardwalk, and fantastic restaurants and entertainment. However many visitors and locals alike are unaware of a magnificent resource just minutes from Ocean City, the serene creeks and pristine salt marshes of Maryland’s back bays. It is sometimes hard to believe that this quiet world of natural beauty exists just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Ocean City. These coastal waterways are abundant with wildlife such as bald eagles, herons, egrets, osprey, ducks, otters, and white tail deer. When exploring these waterways, you will discover the coastal bays watershed exhibits the highest diversity of habitats and living creatures in Maryland.

One of the best ways to experience the creeks and marshes is by kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board (SUP). Paddling allows you to experience these waterways in manner unlike any other. The quiet approach of a paddle craft allows for close up views of wildlife and the ability to explore the nooks and crannies of the marsh that are not often accessible by motorized craft. Paddle sports are also a great family activity appropriate for almost anyone regardless of age or experience level. A recreational kayak is one of the easiest and most versatile paddle craft. Individuals of all ages find kayaking a great low impact form of exercise that can be as easy or as strenuous as they choose.

Kayaking the calm waters of creeks and salt marshes is perfect for individuals, families, and groups of all sizes. The variety of wildlife enthralls adults and entertains the children as they gaze into the water in search of swimming blue crabs, minnows, eel, cormorant, ducks and muskrat. You will truly feel as if you have entered another world as you wind through the calm waters and labyrinth of marshes with many small creeks and tributaries to explore. Enjoy great vistas over looking the low growing marshes. The creeks and tidal marshes also offer paddling through ancient forested wetlands. While making your way into the headwaters, the creeks narrow and the forest canopy closes overhead creating a forest-like tunnel. Paddle quietly along these slow moving waterway and contemplate the ecology, history, and wildlife of this unique eco-system. In addition to providing a recreational activity that is both relaxing and physical at the same time, kayaking is a great way to connect with friends and family. The solitude of the creeks and marshes provides a great backdrop for reflective conversation.

No matter how you look at it paddle sports are one of the most versatile forms of both exercise and entertainment. From a peaceful paddle of introspective reflection to a rambunctious group paddle a day paddling the area’s local waterways restores mind, body, and soul. To put it simply paddling is just plain fun!


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