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With mild temperatures for much of the winter I had the opportunity to get many…

With mild temperatures for much of the winter I had the opportunity to get many new paddlers out on the creek. What is surprising is the number of people who say, “Wow, this is beautiful. I can’t believe we have this resource in our own backyard.” While not everyone may have a creek, bay, or forest in his or her backyard we all have the opportunity to enjoy nature right where we live.

How many of you walk or drive by a park, nature trail, or reserve everyday and barely give it a second glance? How many of you drive over the route 90 bridge and have never stopped at the Isle of Wight Nature Reserve? Here you will find a multitude of waterfowl and marsh birds including, blue heron, green heron, buffleheads, and oystercatchers. Take a walk down the pier and see the baitfish swimming and maybe a blue crab or two scuttling by. Next time you go over the bridge or pass a park allow yourself a few minutes tostop and look around. Reconnect with nature and feel a renewed sense of energy as your explore your surroundings.

No matter if you live in the city, the country, or the beach you can take your own little eco tour without ever leaving home. Open up the windows, step out on the balcony or, take a stroll around the backyard or nearby park. Stop, close you eyes and listen. After a few moments you will tune out the sounds of civilization and start to hear the sounds of nature, birds chirping, insects buzzing, squirrels chattering. Now open your eyes and look around from a new perspective. Do things look different? Notice the colors of the plants, the movement of the insects, and the clouds in the sky. Relax and enjoy the view.

You can take the best eco tour of all everyday, no matter where you are simply by watching the vibrant changing color of the sky at sunrise or sunset. These are two of the most pea

ceful times of the day and also a time when the wildlife is extremely active. It is a spectacular show and its absolutely free. It is easy to find the sunrise and sunset times for your area. One of my favorite web sites for this is This site even allows you to schedule the sunrise and sunset times directly to your outlook calendar. So no excuses make an appointment to enjoy nature’s most beautiful show.

Happy Paddling!


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